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Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 23

Camel pose allignment check

Camel pose has various benefits ☢️It deeply stretches the front of the body. ☢️Boosts the blood flow to ovaries and improves fertility and ovulation. ☢️Stimulates endocrine glands, releases pain in And tension in ovaries. ☢️Builds up strength and flexibility in the spine. As its an intense pose so be careful with allignments. @Piali check this out. Click your pic when in pose and compare yourself with this. You can also share the pic and tag me😊 Tagging you all to check your allignments and practice😊 @SUCHI @Manvi Bansal @Archana Srivastava @Sowkhya @Sahithya R Nath @Drishti Dalmi @Samiksha @Shravya @Neha Thampi @Roopam @Labanya

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