Mental Health

Roma Bhagwani


Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 25

Humming bee Sound 🐝

Humming bee Sound stimulates the vagus nerves and activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which helps to: 1) Stimulate saliva production (great for digestion) 2) Decrease heartbeat (great for calming) 3) Control smooth muscles in the lungs (great for mucus secretion) 4) Stimulate smooth stomach muscles (great for digestion) 5) Stimulate bile production (great for breaking down fat) 6) Contract the bladder and relax the anus (great for elimination) We practiced with @Sandeep @Vinod pawar @priyanka @Ayoti Matilal @aruna sharma @Anitha Vinod @Sandhya @Shriram Kumar B @Rohit Hanspal @Jayshree @Yogesh Dharmadhikari @Poonam @Yogesh Manjrekar

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Anitha Vinod

Thank you Roma ma'am for the wonderful and relaxing meditation class today .

March 25

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