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March 28

Today's challenge for my amazing ladies

* MOVE THE BODY - Asanas (if missed the class go for walk that's fine too) * SUN SOAK -10- 15mins - look at the sky enjoy it, enjoy the nature or spend time in your garden. * DRINK WATER 3ltrs * Eat your FRUITS * Time with your LOVED ONES * Crow mouth BREATHING practice ( high priority to include this habit in routine ) Set this as your to do list for today, even spending 5 mins is great way to rewind and connect with yourself & say I CHOOSE TO PRIORITISE MYSELF, everytime something else comes up. Keep sharing the pics or update me once you're done with these challenges. (Don't forget to tag me, so that I can see it). PS: people in Bangalore aren't we loving the pink blooms, I feel like I'm in a magical world. @Reshma @Madhuri Thakur @Manisha @Sunitha Bai @Vidya @abhilasha @Janaki @Sangita @Shobhana @Khushbu @Priyanka Verma @Abhinaya @Mrudula @Nikita Rathi

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Sunitha Bai

Bengaluru I love my pink city ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕

March 28

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