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March 29

Divine smoothie bowl for divine goddesses !

Yes this one is divine!! Periods nearing want to balance the hormones to avoid PMS and it has been working like magic for me. (Coz of the secret ingredient 😜) It has mango, oranges, banana, pomegranate, fruits consumption ✅ you know why I call it divine? Its a powerhouse of nutrition!! *Has Garden cress seeds /haliv seeds - great for lactation, lowers blood pressure, aids immunity, good for weight loss, reduces inflammation, great for your heart, regulates menstruation, relieves constipation ( all momma's use them) rich in Omega 3! *Has cacao this is my love; heals hypertension, highest plant based source of iron,has more calcium than cow's milk, it's an antidepressant natural mood elevator (mamas must avoid it). * It has mangoes ❤️ * Has chia seeds - boosts metabolism, loaded with antioxidants, improves digestion, good for the skin for anti-ageing, high in Omega 3, strengthens muscles. * It's vegan- No animal byproduct - no injected hormones are allowed into my body you see!

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