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Batter Up! A Deep Dive Into The Top 5 Pancake Mixes For Kids


Encouraging kids to eat healthy can be challenging, but pancakes are a definite crowd-pleaser. To help parents, new brands are entering the D2C market with a focus on kids’ nutrition. We’ve curated a list of five brands offering healthy pancake mixes for children without added refined sugar. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that children with medical conditions like diabetes or obesity should consult their healthcare professional before consuming these products.

Slurrp Farm

Brand Mission: Slurrp Farm focuses on innovation and creativity to re-introduce sustainable, nutrient-dense, and diverse ingredients into children’s diets.

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Ingredients: Oats, foxtail millet, amaranth, sorghum (jowar), jaggery, raw unrefined sugar, vanilla, baking powder

Why it’s a good option: Made using a blend of super grains, zero refined flour (maida), unrefined sugar, and no preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers & artificial colours. Each serving of the pancake mix is also a rich source of protein and dietary fibre, containing 6 grams of each.

Ingredients to be mindful of: Added sugar, jaggery, chocolate chips

Allergens: None mentioned on the packaging

Price: INR 149 per unit

Shyft nutritionist’s opinion: This brand uses raw, unrefined sugar instead of refined sugar, giving it an upper edge. It is also made of millet rather than wheat, making it a more nutritious option


Brand Mission: Timios focuses on a range of products that are loaded with goodness on the inside and fun on the outside, empowering parents to make the right choice for their children.

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Ingredients: Organic ragi, organic jowar, organic jaggery powder, oats, apple powder, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder and baking powder

Why it’s a good option: Made with natural whole grains, contains the nutrition of multi millets – ragi, jowar, and oats, has no maida, artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives 

Ingredients to be mindful of: Added sugar (jaggery)

Allergens: Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, nuts & dairy products

Price Range: INR 149 per unit

Shyft nutritionist’s opinion: The use of millet makes it a healthier choice. It contains jaggery & no refined sugar. Since it is free from added preservatives & colours, it is a safer choice.

My Little Moppet

Brand Mission: Started by a qualified medical practitioner and certified child nutritionist, My Little Moppet offers wholesome food products, made without preservatives, added flavours, added sugar or salt. The brand’s mission is to make parents’ lives easier through the convenience of packaged food delivered to your doorstep and the wholesomeness &  freshness of homemade food.

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients: Oats, wheat, and raw Kerala banana

Why it’s a good option: Contains no refined sugar/salt, no baking soda/ powder, and no preservatives. The mix has low sugar content per serving & also offers some dietary fibre & protein. 

Ingredients to be mindful of: None

Allergens: Contains wheat, manufactured in a unit that processes gluten & nut-containing products.

Price Range: INR 185 to 255 per unit

Shyft nutritionist’s opinion: This product uses raw bananas as a sweetener & does not contain added sugar/ salt; thus it is a healthier choice. It is also prepared fresh after the order is placed, giving it an upper hand.

Tots & Moms

Brand Mission: Tots & Moms was started by a mother of 2 to provide well-nourished and wholesome products for the little ones.

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Ingredients: Almonds, oats, wheat, organic jaggery

Why it’s a good option: Contains no maida, baking powder, or added flavours, the mix also offers some amount of calcium

Ingredients to be mindful of: None

Allergens: Contains wheat & nuts

Price: INR 225 per unit

Shyft nutritionist’s opinion: Since there is no refined sugar and jaggery instead, the product is a good choice. Healthy option for snacking as it has the added goodness of almonds too. 


Brand Mission: Yumicious provides 100% organic nutrient-dense, zero preservatives kids-friendly snacks.

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients: Organic whole grain blend (organic sorghum/jowar, organic oats & organic quinoa), organic jaggery, natural banana powder, baking powder, organic sunflower seeds & vanilla

Why it’s a good option: No-maida, no-sugar pancake, made from traditional grains and millet, with the goodness of nuts and seeds

Ingredients to be mindful of: Added sugar (jaggery), sugar content per serve

Allergens: Contains almonds and manufactured in a facility that processes wheat. 

Price: INR 295 per unit

Shyft nutritionist’s opinion: This mix is gluten-free, does not contain added refined sugar and so is a healthy option to go for.

Pancakes are a childhood favourite, and new-age brands are now providing healthy variations of the classic without refined flour, refined sugar, or preservatives, keeping children’s nutrition requirements in mind.

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