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5 Homegrown Brands that are making Millet Based Dry Snacks for Kids!


As parents, we prioritize making healthy food choices for our little ones, whether it’s for school, after-school activities, or playtime. Finding a convenient snack that is both nutritious and delicious, without requiring significant preparation time, can be challenging. Research suggests that millets or cereal grains, which are part of the small-seeded grasses family, may offer a higher amount of macro and micronutrients when compared to mainstream crops. Incorporating millet into children’s diets may help improve their growth and development.

So here we have listed 5 homegrown brands that are working with a heavy focus towards millet-based delicious snacks for age groups 2 years and above. It’s important to remember that children with diabetes, obesity, low immunity or any medical condition should be avoiding these products or consume them in moderation under the guidance of their healthcare professional.

Yummy Valley

Brand Mission: Yummy Valley strives to drive transparency in their products’ ingredients and their sources through a QR code on the packaging that allows consumers to scan and see all these details.

Millets used: Sorghum or jowar

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients to be mindful of: The cheesy millet balls include palm oil (high in saturated fat), and there is also added sugar in the millet muesli and millet strawberry fills

Allergens: The products either contains or have been made in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts & milk solids.

Price Range: INR 60 – 200 per unit

Shyft Nutritionist’s opinion: This brand gives complete transparency to the source of ingredients they use. So, you can be confident & assured about what you are feeding your child

Snack-A Doodle

Brand Mission: Snack a Doodle was started by two moms who wanted to provide healthy snacking options for their own children and provide an opportunity for more mothers to build a taste and habit for better snacking.

Millets used: Ragi & jowar

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients to be mindful of: The cocoa fills include palm oil which is high in saturated fat

Allergens: Made in a facility that contains gluten & nuts and the ingredients in some of the products include milk/milk solids, which makes them unsuitable for children with lactose intolerance

Price Range: Rs 150 to 250 per unit

Shyft Nutritionist’s opinion: The products are straight out of recipes made in the home kitchen of two mothers & are free from any refined food items. Thus, it’s a healthy snacking option for children

Early Foods

Brand mission: Early Foods was started by a mom and daughter duo, who worked tirelessly to bring back traditional baby food recipes in an effort to provide healthier alternatives to their own son/grandson and to other children of all age groups.

Millets used: Mix of millets including ragi, jowar, foxtail millet or kangni / kakum, little millet or kutki etc.

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients to be mindful of: All ingredients seem to be from natural sources, with no added sugar or trans fat

Allergens: All cookies contain nuts & dairy and have been made in a facility that also processes wheat-based products.

Price Range: INR 199

Shyft Nutritionist’s opinion: Millet cookies are a great way of introducing healthy millet & the best is that these cookies do not have preservatives like baking soda or baking powder. Neither is there any added sugar. The sweetness comes from natural sources like dates!

Little Grabs

Brand Mission: Little Grabs was born out of the need to provide nutrient-dense snacking options for young ones who are ready to eat & travel-friendly.

Millets used: Bajra, jowar and ragi

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients to be mindful of: The sodium content seems slightly high so these snacks should be consumed in moderation

Allergens: These snacks contain wheat and have been manufactured in a facility that processes nuts & cereals

Price Range: INR 190 for a pack of 2

Shyft Nutritionist’s opinion: The use of cold-pressed sunflower oil gives it a healthier edge. It does not contain palm oil or trans fat, both of which are not healthy fat options.

Tots & Moms

Brand Mission: Tots & Moms was started by a mother of 2 to provide well-nourished and wholesome products for the little ones.

Millets used: Mix of millets including ragi, jowar, bajra, foxtail millet or kangni / kakum, little millet or kutki etc.

Purchase Link: Buy Here

Ingredients to be mindful of: No added sugar or trans fat, and all ingredients seem to be from natural sources

Allergens: Contains nuts & dairy and are manufactured in the same facility that processes wheat-based products

Price Range: INR 200 per box

Shyft Nutritionist’s opinion: The cookies are nutrient-rich & are free from added sugar as well as preservatives. This makes them a healthy in-between meals snacking option!

Jowar and Ragi are the most commonly used millets in kids’ food products as these millets are lighter on the gut and easily digestible compared to the other millets. Hence, we would recommend options that have jowar and ragi as the main millet when choosing snacking options for your children.

In conclusion, as parents, it is important to prioritize the health and nutrition of our children, not just during meal times, but also during snack times. While we may put in the effort to ensure that our child’s main meals are healthy and nutritious, we may overlook the importance of choosing healthy snacks. With the United Nations declaring 2023 as the International Year of Millets, it presents a great opportunity to introduce millet-based snacks into our child’s diets.

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